We are committed to building partnerships based on integrity, dignity, and respect. It is our belief that passion and determination drives quality and innovation. Our Trusted Suppliers, from the local small-town family farms to those upstream making it possible to offer you the finest quality Iowa Angus beef, domestic pasteur-raised lamb, sustainably caught seafood off of our beautiful coasts, and so many other unbelievable products, all have great stories. We are committed in sharing their stories with you and your family. 

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The Ladnier family of Sea Pearl in Bayou La Batre, Alabama can trace its roots back to the 1700’s when French settlers came to the central Gulf Coast. In fact, the city of Pass Christian, Mississippi was named after family ancestor Christian Ladiner (the spellings evolved over the years), and the family has been connected to the Alabama Coast and its bounty ever since.


Sea Pearl is a family business owned by Greg and Jan Ladnier, who work alongside their grown children Shawn and Megan and a team averaging 60 loyal employees year-round.

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Greg’s love for the business started in the early 1960’s at age 10, working alongside his uncle on a little bay boat named the I’m Alone. "It was like a little 30-foot boat that had a little small Case diesel in it,” Greg says. “At the time, actually the ‘try net’ winch was still a manual winch that you had to raise and lower by hand, which was my job.” The family once again established its place in the seafood business when Greg’s father, after having worked on shrimp boats for years, started Sea Pearl as an oyster business. Greg’s mother, Dawn Castelin Ladnier, was also very involved in helping run the business  day-to-day. But by the 1970s, Sea Pearl had evolved into handling shrimp — unloading them from the boats and sending them to canning plants. When freezing equipment became more readily available, the business grew from there.

Today, Greg and Lan's company is known for setting the standard for quality Gulf shrimp processing. Since their inception, they have made themselves open to third party inspection of their processes. Sea Pearl is proud to sell only wild-caught Gulf shrimp.

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None of the employees have set roles at Sea Pearl. Everyone pitches in to get the job done no matter how messy and unpredictable it might be. Greg and Lan's son, Shawn Ladnier, and daughter, Megan Ladnier, have both stepped up and helped their parents and the Sea Pearl team soon after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In fact, Greg has observed over the years and through this adversity, something that would explain, in a world of consolidation and big companies buying up smaller companies, why so many shrimp businesses remain family businesses that have been around for years.


Big companies have tried it and have failed. The shrimp industry is not easy to fit into a proper business model. It doesn’t follow the rules. There are so many things to know that can change numerous times during any given day,” says Greg. “Every year is different with the weather, the economy, foreign competition, new rules and requirements. It’s not black and white.”

Sea Pearl is a fine tuned machine whose management and employees successfully blend all of these variables, all of the ups and downs, into a successful business day-in and day-out. Through their motto “we like to see you impressed,” they never lose sight of the end goal – pleasing their customers with quality product.


Out of Florence Alabama, small-town farmers, Adam Cox and his lovely wife Renay, raise and harvest Berkshire-Duroc Cross Hogs for us and our customers. Adam grew up on his family farm, taking care of his father's animals and helping feed his local community since 1969.


Through his wealth of knowledge and tremendous passion for cross-breeding and harvesting Berkshire & Duroc hogs, Adam is teaching his boys that hard work and dedication pays off; Unlike most hogs that get harvested at 260lbs, the Cox Family raises their hogs to a whopping 400lbs. This means that the chops, strips, and other fine cuts coming from Adam Cox Family Farms that we offer the community have high marbling and a ton of flavor!

As Adam says, "I am teaching my boys what my daddy taught me."  His family legacy is as rich as his pork.


Located in Chamblee, Georgia, Master Baker, Eli Kikov and his son, Aviam bake the freshest traditionally-braided loaves of challah special for our customers through their father-and-son operation. 


Eli emigrated from Israel and was always known by his community as the local baker. He moved to the North East and met his soon-to-be wife. As his son Aviam recalls his story, "He was almost instantly nicknamed 'Eli Pita' for the lush pita pockets he would bake and serve to my mom and her friends at their Yeshiva." Fast-forward to 1982, Eli quickly gained recognition for his old-world baking techniques.

Today, Eli Kikov works closely with his 24-year-old son in their local bakery. He teaches him everyday how to continue to grow his skills in baking while constantly reinforcing the importance of serving the community through hard work, dedication, and helping families come together over the tradition of 'breaking bread'.


Nestled in the North Georgia Appalachian Mountains, 4th Generation Family-Farmers, the Glovers, have been milking Holstein Cows for 20+ years and are proudly teaching their son, Layne and daughter, Eliza Jane the importance of caring for their cows and treating them like family because to them, they are! The family's care for their cows makes for amazing dairy products with a high milk quality and high butterfat that you'll taste the difference!

Scott and Jennifer Glover, along with their children are dedicated in providing "a wholesome, all natural product fresh from their farm to your family." They attribute two key processes with what makes their milk so smooth and delicious. We are pleased to offer the community a fantastic local multigenerational farmer-driven milk option.

Low Temp Pasteurization

An approach that preserves the essential flavors and nutrients by keeping the milk under 145° throughout the pasteurization process.


Their milk is processed the “old-fashion way” where the cream still rises to the top. This method is unlike most milk that has gone through a homogenization process that breaks apart the fats and proteins.

This is a sign of healthy, nutrient rich milk – so be sure to shake your bottle before drinking to enjoy the rich benefits from every sip you take. This is the way that Mother nature intended milk to taste.


Additionally, not an ounce of milk is ever touched by human hand. Furthermore, each of their products we carry is individually bottled and bagged to limit contact with the elements as it journeys through the supply chain to eventually reach your refrigerator or child's glass.


It is truly straight from the farm to your home!

It is our pleasure to partner up with the Glover Family at their creamery operation, Mountain Fresh Creamery. Together, we are here for the community, especially during these turbulent and uncertain times. To learn more about the milk we are offering and where it comes from, we welcome you to check out the Glo-Crest Dairy Farm:

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