Chef Pat Pascarella, Executive Chef & Partner at the White Bull (Decatur, GA), is the first chef to partner with us in featuring his beloved specialty products through Atlanta Chefs' Pantry. It is our pleasure to bring his renowned pastas directly to your kitchen at home!


Each of the dry pastas that Chef Pat proudly makes derive from a rich and special origin dating back to his earliest years. He shares, "Ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with dough! Pasta in particular. My first pasta memory was when my grandma use to make cavatelli. She would use the wooden kitchen table so she can get enough grip on the pasta so it would curl and be perfect. I’ve been making pasta ever since I was 5. I was the kid that would always be in the kitchen instead of playing tag around the house with my cousins and siblings. It wasn’t until I went to culinary school and worked for some big NYC chefs where I actually perfected my pasta making. I had the bones and now needed the finesse."

Chef Pat's pastas are made fresh and organic daily. He elaborates, "We use an organic red wheat berry, and then we mill it ourselves in house to keep the flour as fresh as possible. I believe the fresher the wheat, the better the pasta. Some people call this obsession but I’m ok with that."

Chef Pat has two decades of experience in kitchens and draws expertise from a culinary background that most recently included serving as Executive Chef at Atlanta’s The Optimist and as Executive Chef and Owner of his renowned Italian restaurant Bar Sugo in Norwalk, Connecticut. Prior, Chef Pat cooked in Manhattan at restaurants including Eric Ripert’s Michelin-starred Le Bernardin. At Farmers & Fishermen, we believe that "talent matters." We are confident that you will find that to be the case when you try Chef Pat Pascarella's pastas for yourself!










Chef Brian has been cooking professionally for about 15 years, but like so many others, his passion for food was originated in his mother’s and grandmother’s kitchens at an early age. Chef Brian shares, "I would spend summers at my grandmothers house in Cullman, Alabama where I learned a lot about southern cooking & baking. I vividly remember the first time she taught me what 'al dente' means and throwing some spaghetti against the wall.

I am highly focused on seasonal and local products. I believe now, more than ever, it is obvious that those supply chains and farmers are invaluable. At Good Word, we have relationships with as many local farmers and artisans as we can. We not only utilize these products in the kitchen, but in the brewery as well.

This is one reason adding our line of pickles and jams to Farmers & Fishermen’s offerings was a no-brainer. In my kitchen, I always believe in preserving the season." Chef Brian is passionate about making it so seasonal items can be enjoyed throughout the year by picking, jarring, and fermenting them in a way that optimizes the flavor profile in a special and distinctive way.












Chef Jared Hucks, born and raised in Atlanta, views cooking as his art-form which is very fitting growing up in a family of artists. After receiving worldly experience traveling and working in some of the most respected kitchens in five continents, Chef Jared opened his own Atlanta neighborhood restaurant, the Alden in Chamblee. He shares with our customers his craft and one of his beloved specialties enjoyed in his restaurant, his Black Onion Jam. In discussing his high quality versatile product, Chef Jared explains, "There's all sorts of ways to achieve the 5 flavor elements as we know them:  sweet, sour, bitter, salty & umami."

A few years back, I started experimenting with burnt onions [and other vegetables] after seeing a couple different uses in restaurants I had worked in. For a while I was incorporating the burnt onions into other recipes for contrast of flavor (bitter, sweet, umami) and color (dark). Then, at one point I decided to create a recipe around the burnt onions making them the star ingredient.

So, black onion jam is a balancing act of the flavor elements.  We start by slowly burning salted yellow onions in a low oven for 24 hours.  The next day, we caramelize more yellow onions (equal parts) slowly for a couple of hours until they are as dark as they can get without being burned.  At this point, what we're looking at is essentially onion concentrate.

We then blend the onions together with cane molasses, pomegranate, sorghum, honey and vinegar.  The result is a beautifully rich and delicious condiment exploding with flavor." Farmers & Fishermen is proud to partner with Chef Jared and offer his Black Onion Jam that has flavors inspired from around the world in your kitchen at home! Whether you decide to complement our meats such as beef, lamb or wild game, or you would like to use it on your next charcuterie board on date night, we know you'll love his Black Onion Jam as much as we do!










Men have long been known to don tattoos with the image or name of their favorite lady, with moms, wives and girlfriends often becoming a permanent feature on flesh. Executive chef Jeb Aldrich followed suit in this longstanding tradition – but with a surprising subject. The lucky lady in his life is Atlanta folklore legend Tiny Lou, Gypsy Room dancer and Hotel Clermont restaurant namesake, who now has a forever home on Aldrich’s left forearm, and his culinary curriculum vitae. With this level of commitment comes a fiery passion and raw talent for cuisine that now graces the menu at Hotel Clermont's French critically-acclaimed restaurant, Tiny Lou's.

Located in Atlanta's historic Old 4th Ward off of Ponce De Leon Avenue, Hotel Clermont is a vintage piece of local Atlanta history. Since 1924, Hotel Clermont was a safe haven for Atlanta's oldest and longest ongoing dive bar and strip club in addition to Tiny Lou's which celebrates their rich chique history within the community. 

Chef Jeb will be featuring Tiny Lou's signature Foie Gras Torchon &  Duck Rillettes, two fan-favorite items since their opening. Stay tune for more information! 













Chef William and his Business Partner, Jason Sheetz, opened Hammocks Trading Company in the summer of 2012 off of Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. His menu creations have always celebrated seafood and the freshest fish available. His award winning Grouper Sandwich was voted "best sandwich in Atlanta in 2014!" No sandwich is complete without being complemented by delicious seafood sauce. As of Monday, June 8th, Chef William will be offering his incredible homemade Cocktail, Tartar & Remoulade Sauces to our customers!






The beloved Atlanta-based caterer, Proof of the Pudding, has a 40-year track record helping the Greater Atlanta community enjoy chef-prepared meals and shareable dishes. We are proud to now offer Proof of the Pudding's shareable signature sides for your next family meal or special occasion!

Whether it be a wedding, celebration, or night at home around the dinner table, Executive Chef Howard and his talented team allow their creativity and culinary flare to run wild with each of their gourmet dishes. For both Proof of the Pudding and all of us here at Farmers & Fishermen, we believe that families can create exceptional memories together while sharing unbelievably enjoyable food at home or on-the-go. It is our hope that each of their delicious dishes will help your family reminisce on meaningful memories while creating new special ones as well.


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Linton Hopkins is an internationally acclaimed chef who has a James Beard award for "Best Chef of the Southeast." According to Southern Food Wiki, "Linton shared his grandfather's enthusiasm for all things Southern, fresh, and flavorful - and respect for the farmers and producers in the process. This connection to the land and community is exemplified in Chef Hopkins' support and involvement with the Slow Food Movement."